A tale of transformation

Established in 1995, the history of Cermaq is a tale of transformation - from a grain trading company to a global leader of salmon farming. Today Cermaq Group AS is a fully owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation. It is their vision to be an internationally leading company within sustainable aquaculture, and this calls for responsibility: Cermaq is committed to support global initiatives aiming at improving environmental, social and economic conditions worldwide.

One of the major challenges the world is facing is an increasing global population where a growing part of the population replace rice, maize and cereals with food richer in protein as meat and fish. Fish is efficient converter of feed, and farmed salmon has better feed efficiency than pig, sheep and cattle, and the ecological footprint is little (low CO2 equivalent).

Cermaq‘s part of the value chain starts with smolt production and covers primary processing and into secondary processing. The company structure is based on a lean head office and operating companies in Chile, Canada and Norway.

Two of the slaughtering facilities are located in Hammerfest and Alsvåg in the northern part of Norway. Through the years Pescatech has been helping Cermaq with miscellaneous projects like Opti-Advice, Masterlayouts and supply analysis. Via these Pescatech received a perfect overview and knowledge of the local conditions and options. So when Cermaq decided to modernize these facilities it became quite naturally to ask Pescatech to assist in the project phase.

Based on various supplier proposals Pescatech was brought onboard to assist in the final evaluations and contract phase in order to increase mutual awareness and system supply responsibility between buyer and seller. After negotiations and a successful ProDesigner phase Cermaq decided to let Pescatech continue with the

natural follow up package: ProManager. This phase included project management during the important installation phase, to ensure the project was ready on time and the performance was just like expected.

Pescatech also with Cermaq maintains a position as an external project resource, which can be called in on short notice to help with smaller or larger tasks. This is easily handled from a distance as well as on site with our frequent and various assistance tasks.