Captain Haddock Is still going strong

More than once cod producers in Europe have found their natural resources facing the brink of extinction with cod population dropping dramatically. Over fishing and little or no focus on sustainability has driven this industry and the companies within to a game of "survival of the fittest". Everybody remembers the 80's where cod industries off the coast of New Foundland and in the Baltic sea had their peaks just before a collapse, which laid villages empty and unemployment rates to sky rocket.

Today, this is different.

Better quota systems, focus on sustainable fishery and cod farming has brought optimism into this industry again. The factories are less, but represent some of the most modern and efficient fish plants in the world today. Västkustfilé is one of the companies still alive and kickin´ with its focus on production flexibility, raw material alternatives and high quality products.

Västkustfilé has adapted to the changes within geographical available resources and is constantly seeking to maximize the yield of each incoming fish. In addition the company today offers a larger variety of cod species ranging from Alaska Pollock to the tender Hoki from down under. The ability to adapt and improve during harsh times has made the company strong and capable of delivering highest quality and a wide range of products without losing track of company's core foundation as a top provider of high quality white fish.

Pescatech has been involved as an external sparring partner to seek for ways to improve the productions with focus on yield, gentle handling and general logistics. This temporary assignment, where Pescatech serves as a neutral observer and a pair of extra eyes shall give Västkustfilé an opportunity to see, analyze and map possible future improvements. Pescatech was extremely pleased to assist Västkustfilé in this way and especially, since this job involves some of the core products and competencies within our group.