Advisory Board

Pescatech has constituted a board in order to strengthen our position and develop our business in accordance with the market trends and customer requirements. Pescatech started its consultancy business as a competence equalizer and competition enhancer within a consolidating equipment industry, but today we have developed many new products and competences.

The board members are carefully selected to provide Pescatech with guidance and perspectives from more angles within the fish and seafood industries. Each board member is qualified through extensive experience from either the equipment or fish processing industry:

Poul Petersen

(born 1956), managing director, has 38 years of experience in the process industry as managing director and other positions at Thorfisk (later on Aker Seafood) in Grenå. He has gained experience as a board member in "Dansk Industri", Danish Seafood Ass. (DSA) and in several other food related boards. Furthermore he has been the key person when developing the "Fresh Fish" concept in Thorfisk (the first and leading MAP project in Denmark).

Thorkild Christensen

(born 1950), business advisor in Ellekrog Erhvervsrådgivning, has many years of experience in the equipment industry as managing director (and other positions) and furthermore he was one of the founders of Carnitech and Carnitech Salmon (Marel Salmon), Carnitech Thailand, Vietnam, Greenland, Norway and others. From 1983 to 2006 Carnitech developed from 12 til 600 employees all around the world. In addition he has gained experience as chairman of the boards in Carnitech Salmon, Seattle and Singapore.

Chris Bjerregaard

(born 1970), general manager, has extensive experience as business manager in Marel, division manager in Scanvaegt International and branch manager in Scanvaegt Seattle. In 2008 he founded Pescatech.

The healthy mix of experience and qualification ensures input from different areas when working as sparring partners on topics as: strategy and business development, economy/finance/investments, legal issues, organization, market and product development.