In principle our competitors range from the small "one man show" to some of the largest consultancy companies in the world.

Conceptually we distanced ourselves from both types by initiating a new level of focus and competence, when building our company up as a center of excellence within fish & seafood processing only. We are not generalists with the ability to design bridges, oil rigs, power plants and also food processing facilities.

Neither do we run out of resources by taking on job no 2 or 3. Today, we increasingly find ourselves as the extended arm of our customers and temporary internal project department. The combination of our internal skills and experience enable us to take initiative and lead projects as well enhance development. We bring knowledge and experience to the table from day one and our client's do not need to educate us first.

In addition we create transparency and bridge the understanding between equipment producers and processors, thus eliminating many errors and frustrations normally seen. Naturally, we are not loved by everyone and this we are quite proud of. We see ourselves as part of something the market has longed for and hopefully our customers see us a fresh breeze in the industry.