Chris Bjerregaard

Senior Consultant, Managing Director

Focus: Design solutions & specifications, contract negotiations, overall sparring partner.

Chris is founder of Pescatech and has worked for several years in high ranking positions at leading equipment suppliers, while he has also gained significant knowledge by intensive work within the fish & seafood industries.

Business Manager 2006-2008:
Large solutions Fish & Seafood within the Marel group and primary responsible for larger solutions 1 mill EUR and up. The work was involving internal reviews on technical, political and financial aspects of individual projects, but naturally also with significant focus on concept development and solutions design.

Business Manager 2005-2006:
Head of Fish Division and larger fish & seafood solutions department, where focus was concentrated on internal reviews on larger solutions, market and concept development and design of larger solutions as primary lead designer.

Branch Manager 2000-2005:
Built up the local branch office in Seattle with sales, service and administration servicing the North American fish & seafood industries. The work involved designing and providing solutions within salmon, white fish, trout, catfish processing plants both onshore and onboard fishing vessels (factory ships).

IRAS A/S, Sales Manager 1995-2000:
Designing and providing solutions within the salmon and pelagic industries primarily in Europe, Asia and South America. The work involved product/concept development and penetration of new markets within the global fish and Seafood industry.

Education: Market Economist (1993-95 Esbjerg Business Academy) with the focus on international marketing, sales and logistics.
Experience: The above working experience qualifies as a Process Engineer degree.
Language: Fluent in English, German & Scandinavian.
Personal: Born in 1970, married, 4 children, resides in Esbjerg Denmark.

Flemming Harslev

Senior Consultant, Project Manager

Focus: Project management, design solutions & specifications, pay-back analysis, optimization and contract negotiations.

Flemming is an expert in project management, design and specifications and has gained significant production knowledge though his 30 years of experience from various food industry from the following leading companies.

Sales Manager, large solution 2010-2014:
Large solutions sales and design in the fish, poultry, meat, ready meal etc. industry within Ishida Europe Ltd. with sales responsibility for large solutions with advanced weighing and packing technology. Part of a new solution team, with focus on concept development for large solutions in different industries.

Senior Consultant 2009-2010
Responsible for project management, design and specifications in various projects within the fish and seafood industry. Took part in develop the company in its early days.

Sales Manager 2006-2008:
Large solutions meat industry within the Marel group and primary responsible for larger solutions 1 mill EUR and up. The focus was concentrated on concept development for design of larger solutions, with implementing and selection of the technology from the group of companies within the Marel group.

Sales Area Manager 2003-2006:
Build up a meat solution department with focus on concept development for a new business area within Scanvaegt worldwide. The main sales focus was concentrated in USA and Europe.

Solution Manager 2001-2003:
Transfer and implement project management and large solution knowledge from previous experience and be sales responsible for large solution sales primary in the fish and seafood industry. The work involved designing and providing solutions for the industry.

Sales Manager, large solution 1999-2001
Sales and design responsible for large solutions primary in the fish and seafood industry.

Independent 1995-1999
Sales and design responsible for large solutions primary in the fish and seafood industry.

Manager for the project department 1992-1995
Manager for the project and construction department and sales responsible for large solution primary in the fish and seafood industry.

Project Manager, large solution 1987-1992
Project Manager in the project- and design department, with responsibility for project management within the land based fish industry as well as offshore projects.

Technical Designer, 1986-1987
Designer in the project and design department. The work involved developing and design of equipment for the fish industry.

Education:Personal Leadership (1997-98)
Merkonom – Business economy (1993-94)
Technical designer, Mechanical and technologic line (1982-84)
Misc. courses in: Sales, project management, entrepreneurship, industrial special course etc.
Experience:The above and working experience qualifies as a Process Engineer degree.
Language:Fluent in English, & Scandinavian.
Personal:Born in 1964, engaged, 2 children, resides in Nexø, Denmark

Brith Kolind

Senior Consultant, Project Designer

Focus: Design solutions & specifications, contracts, pay-back analysis, coordination.

Brith is a very talented and bright designer of fish factories with significant knowledge of all relevant aspects of modern project thinking with gained previous experience from the following companies:

Project Designer 2006-2008:
Project designer in the Marel group for larger  sh and seafood solutions working with projects and design solutions in 2d and 3d all over the world for all kinds of species.

Project Designer 2005-2006:
Designing solutions for larger  sh and seafood projects in 2d and 3d for multiple species all over the world. Supporting subsidiaries etc.

Technical Sales Supporter 2004-2005:
Designing larger tailor made solutions for the powder industry in 2d and 3d. Sales support.

Creative Designer 1992-2004:
Designing mechanical solutions and logistic  ow sheets for the feed, cereal, marzipan and demolition industry.

Education: Merconom - Marketing line (1990-93)
Technonom - Production control and planning line (1995 –98)
Technical designer 1985-1988)
Student, Modern languages (1984)
Misc. courses in: Sales, IT, languages, Organization & Strategy, Internationalizing
Experience: The above working experience qualifies as a Process Engineer degree
Language: Fluent in English, Scandinavian + understanding German
Personal: Born 1965, married, 1 child, resides in Skovby, Denmark

Laurids Christensen

Senior Consultant, Lean advisor

Focus: Design solutions & specifications, contracts, pay-back analysis, coordination.

Laurids has his extensive experience with projecting, project management and personnel management mainly from the fish industry. Furthermore he has 9 years of experience as production manager in the food industry. The experience mentioned comes from the following companies:

Project Manager/ Technical Manager 2008-2010:
Technical responsible for Danforel's two trout smokeries in Vejle. Project Manager when rebuilding the old Danish Crown factory in Grindsted to a new modern production plant for smoked trouts.

Production Manager 1999-2008:
Production Manager in the potato factory with French fries, precooked potatoes etc.) Great experience with production management and -planning, personnel management, implementation of ISO 22000, Lean implementation etc.

Technical Manager 1991-1999:
Technical responsible for the Danish factories in Glyngøre, Ålborg, Hanstholm,and Vejle. Economic responsible for maintenance and investments. Projecting and project management in connection with implementation of new equipment and re-building of the factories.

Technical Manager 1988-1991:
Went to Greenland as technical manager after 4 years of experience as a constructional engineer in a consulting company in Esbjerg, which involved him in many projects in the fish- and seafood industries.

Education: Constructional Engineer (1979-83) Esbjerg Teknikum
Experience: The above working experience qualifies as a Process Engineer degree
Language: Fluent in English & Scandinavian
Personal: Born 1956, married, 3 children, resides in Vejle, Denmark

Arnbjörn Eyþórsson

Senior Advisor / Project Manager

Pescatech is very pleased to welcome another seafood processing expert as part of our revitalized and strengthened team. We’ve decided to use the Corona pause to regroup and become ready to offer better and more services to our friends within the fish and seafood industries in a new and changed world.

Arnbjørn’s competencies

Arnbjørn held various important positions within the Marel group over the years, where he eventually became an institution and one of their primary fish & seafood processing specialists. In recent years, he has been widely recognized as their leading consultant to the salmon industry and has been involved in many innovative processing solutions.

What the future holds

It’s our firm belief, that he will become a strong assert to us and also a larger fish in a smaller pond. He can now use all his skills on the other side of the table, to help our clients to rational solutions with all the lego blocks available to support this work. Pescatech have always looked beyond the individual company portfolios in the search for better solutions without preferences.

A big welcome

We hope you all will welcome Arnbjørn in his new shirt, where he will become the newest member of the Pescatech family and “Senior Advisor / Project manager to our customers. Arnbjørn will be based in Iceland, where his access to customers locally and abroad will also improve our reaction time in some areas. Arnbjørn will start his new adventure this fall after properly finishing a long journey with his present employer.

Karen Berg Madsen

Senior Consultant, Quality Management

Focus: Food safety, Quality Management, Certification, Training, Audit

Karen is an expert in food safety and quality management. Has worked with numerous fish & food industries in selecting and implementing effective, customer designed systems, fulfilling demanding retailers requirements, provided training , as well as worked freelance for leading certification bodies with international standards as MSC, IFS, BRC, ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000

CEO and Owner: 2003 –
Building up the Food consultancy where focus was on theoretical expertise presented in eye level of clients of all sizes within seafood-, meat- , feed- and technical industries.

Senior Consultant at Alcedo Seafood Business Consulting 2000 - 2003
Quality manager, internal auditor, trainer within fish and seafood industry worldwide. Designing, implementing and optimizing HACCP- and Quality Management systems

Steins Laboratorium, Area Manager 1997 – 2003
Heading the of Chromatographically department within Steins, performing accredited analysis of high precision using advanced HPLS-MS/GC-MS technology analyzing unwanted residues as pesticides, antibiotics, hydrocarbons in food, water, soil etc.

Department manager 1990-1997
Heading lab and environmental department, working with quality management, product and process development, involved in many development projects implementing new equipment and processes.

Education: engineer (1986-1990) Esbjerg Teknikum
Business Administration, Sales & Marketing (HD-A) 1992-1996
Examined Lead auditor: ISO 9001(2003), ISO 14001(2003), ISO 22000(2006), IFS (2006), BRC (2006), MSC (2008)
Language: Fluent in English & Scandinavian + understanding German
Personal: Born in 1968, 2 children, resides in Esbjerg, Denmark

Martin Bransholm Nielsen

Visualizations and software solutions

Focus: Presentation and visualization of projects, software development and 3D animation

Martin Nielsen has been working with computer generated graphics for almost a decade. Combined with the knowhow of Pescatech Martin has created amazing animations for the fish and seafood industry. Martin's crew of professionals are working as Pescatech's extended arms creating the newest and most educational software available on the market. Not many animators worldwide would be able to match what Martin and his crew create together with Pescatech. From 2011 Pescatech holding has acquired 40% of 3D animation leaving Martin Nielsen as majority shareholder and CEO with the aim to tighten the relationship between the companies and expand the business.

CEO & Owner: 2004 - (present):
Starting out as a hobby Martin worked as a freelancer until his skills became so popular that he had to spend all available time on making animations and decided to make it his career. 3D Animation was born.

3D Animator 2003-2004:
Before making his own business Martin had a short stay on the payroll of Scanvaegt International as a 3D animator. This relationship continued afterwards where Martin created the most spectacular animations explaining the solutions much more than words.

Education: HTX higher technical exams
Experience: Digital graphics production, 3D modelling and animation, computer network administration, web productions, video recording and editing
Language: English and Scandinavian.
Personal: Born in 1985, engaged, resides in Skanderborg, Denmark.

Jonas Sejr Thomsen

Visualizations and software solutions

Focus: Software development / implementation and 3D visualization of factory layouts and processing solutions.

Jonas has gained expertice in his field of software development from a ton of projects. He masters a variety of programming languages which makes him ideal for creating the link between software solution and customer. Jonas also manages servers, databases and websites. Besides the programming skills Jonas is also a talented 3D Artist.

3D Animator and Software Developer 2007 - 2013 (present) :
Jonas is in charge of all implementation regarding software and scripting such as interactive solutions, websites, tablet applications. He also manages network and servers both in-house and remotly such as VPS and webservers. Furtermore he is a gifted 3D artist, 3D animator and technical supervisor managing the project pipeline.

On call special worker 2006- (present):
Jonas has kept his old weekend job at a mink farm as a special worker during periods of time with high work load. At Sole Gruppens mink farms he is filling the stock and various assignments regarding mink feed.

Education: HTX higher technical exams
Language: Fluent in English and Danish.
Personal: Born in 1987, resides in Skanderborg, Denmark.

Niels Ølgaard

Financial Controller

Focus: Finance and account.

Niels has a broad experience within the fishing industry and thus a comprehensive knowledge of the customers' relations of Pescatech. Niels has gathered experience from the following companies:

Finance Director 1987-2010:
For more than 23 years, Niels was responsible for finance and accounting in Iras A/S. His job, furthermore, included a wide range of administrative tasks; and thus in this job he acquired an extensive experience and knowledge of the fishing industry.

Celebrity. Chief Accountant 1981-1987:
In 1981 Niels was hired as deputy manager in the accounting department of Celebrity; later he took over the management of the accounting department for the entire group.

Education: Business Economist, Esbjerg Business Academy
Experience: Broad experience in economics, accounting and management.
Language: English and Scandinavian.
Personal: Born in 1948, married, 2 children, resides in Esbjerg, Denmark.