Concept+ could also be named line design as it aims at creating a superior and innovative solution solving a specific challenge. It can be on demand or provoked and self initiated by Pescatech as an in house development.

The design skills and technical competencies make it possible to develop lines and create new solutions without focusing on profitability in sales numbers, but merely to come with solutions to specific challenges. This could be a fish processor in need of a customized processing line or special developed machine to accommodate a request from a customer on a certain product.

Pescatech works independently from the equipment industry and can design without boundaries towards preferred in house machinery. We can as such play with all the lego boxes available rather than just the red ones...It could also be an equipment supplier, who wants to visualize a combination of machines or typical standard solution within their core competencies.

Pescatech goal is to innovate and challenge the industry to provide better solutions, where we also can visualize, animate and simulate new concepts and ideas!

Fish Turner concept

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A new design and patent pending innovative solution from Pescatech for fully automatic orientation of fish. Designed on behalf of Alsaker Fjordbruk and the salmon industry. The first sketches were made in early 2013 and the present solution evolved, since early 2014.

Fully automatic fish orientation The method takes aim at solving the puzzle by a series of actions with the use of already existing technology with new functionalities. The idea was to create a system, which in a simple and affordable way can be scaled to match the highest production capacities.

Motivation We want to challenge multiple equipment suppliers to take this development to the next level without being obstructed by patents or strategies. True competitive development must come from inspiration rather than protection and therefore we introduce this patent pending solution for the greater benefit of the industry without any kind of exclusivity.

Pre-rigor pinbone solution

The invention is targeting to solve a puzzle, which has until now remained unsolved. Conventional methods have over numerous attempts proven to be unsuccessful on especially fresh fish fillets. The removal of the pinbones is a critical part of procesing fresh fish, where present technology has of yet not achieved noticeable success on pre-rigor filets no matter the specie.

The result if successful will change the markets substantially. Distribution chains and processing plants will change in order to finish the products as close to live state as possible. This again will bring fresh and firmer fish products to market, with significant impact on price and quality on white fish as well as salmonids and other species.