Lean principles in a light version, where Pescatech analyze and observe your production for a certain period. The idea is to find quick wins by locating bottlenecks and remove non-profitable obstacles. It can be physical or technical improvements, but it could also be procedure improvements.

The result is an easy to understand report with visualized and practical information, so it can be related to the actual environment in an explainable way. The content will focus on hands on experience and onsite observations combined with relevant theoretical approach. The Opti-Advice is a corner stone in the Pescatech service program. We study, interview and observe processing procedures with a pair of neutral and external eyes.

These quick wins and easy adjustments are presented in a confidential report, where options and observations are clearly expressed and often represent large potential savings or improved profits. It will also contain state of mind observations and explain procedures, which can improve employee ownership and improve company spirit.

The Opti-Advice package is under a non-disclosure agreement and all information is kept confidential. Pescatech will store a copy of the report under safe conditions in order to assist customer further in future situations. The Opti-Advice analysis is a standalone product, which can be prolonged by a Pro-Consult agreement, where a Pescatech consultant can act as a driver/assistant during implementation of processing improvements.