Your way through the jungle of requirements. Find the standard which meets your needs and uncover the direct way to live up to your current or future customers' requirements and expectations.

We are conducting a "Gap" analysis where we uncover the distance between the company's existing level (resources, expertise, equipment, facilities and management system) and the required level (regulatory, certification ambition or customer requirements).

  • Identification of areas
  • Overview of state
  • And work out a concrete action plan to reach the goal.

Internal audits

We have experience and expertise to help companies build and/or customize an internal auditing program, so it is simple, suitable, effective and will be tailored for the company.

Risk factor / Hazard analysis

Food safety requires all actors in the food supply chain - to make safe products that everyone can be comfortable with.

To make this a reality risk assessment, systematic management, documentation and well-trained staff is essential. We have a thorough knowledge of food safety and may thus be helpful in identifying risk factors associated with the product, raw materials and process.


Including validation of the production process, documentation and monitoring procedures to ensure identification of worst case conditions and identification of variation risks and effective control of critical parameters.

Customer requirements

Many customers require that their suppliers must be able to demonstrate that they have an effective and credible system to ensure quality, food safety, etc.

From some customers, it is required to be certified, others wish to inspect the company, even after their own standards, or production codes.

We have thorough knowledge of standards and customer requirements and years of experience with effective, targeted and appropriate implementation of such requirements in the management systems.

Implementation of a management system

We can help with the implementation of a management system to ensure that it has an effective system tailored to the individual company's work processes and needs.

You decide how much - we adjust for the company's resources available: We can help you with sparring, prepare a few core procedures or write the company's entire quality and food safety management system - depending on the skills and resources you have.

Training of employees

To ensure that employees have sufficient knowledge to maintain a high level of food safety and hygiene, we have developed a number of courses.

In order to maximize the relevance, effectiveness and employee engagement we tailor our training to your requirements and activities.

Hire a quality manager

Does your company need additional resources for a shorter or longer period?

We offer the concept of "Hire a Quality Manager" where you can get qualified help with:

  • Developing new systems to meet the requirements of one or more standards within quality, food, feed, environment, safety, etc.
  • Revision of existing management systems
  • Handling of regulatory requirements
  • Internal audits
  • Other