Turnkey+ is a level of industry expertise present within Pescatech which makes the company capable of taking on larger processing challenges. The size of our company and specialization in processing & logistics sometimes calls for partners with extra resources to support fx buildings and other related work. This work we can coordinate as team leader, where Pescatech acts as designer, driver and primary coordinator.

Our expertise enable the project to focus the processing flow with support systems and surroundings to match rather than have functionality and efficiency being obstructed by pre-decided and well meant but poorly organized processing logistics inside possible new buildings. We cover all primary processing aspects, but also value added processing and all necessary support functions and software systems. Pescatech can act as sparring partner from the smallest fish factory to complete fish landing and processing centers.

  • Fish factories and auctions
  • Landing facilities
  • Ice plants and Cold storages
  • Offal and rendering plants
  • Fish meal and oil plants
  • Box and material plants
  • Area utilization and harbor logistics

We have experience within most segments and are qualified designers of the largest and most advanced processing plants imaginable. We can act as sparring partners to private owned companies or government controlled development projects.