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A new design and patent pending innovative solution from Pescatech for fully automatic orientation of fish. Designed on behalf of Alsaker Fjordbruk and the salmon industry. The first sketches were made in early 2013 and the present solution evolved, since early 2014.

Fully automatic fish orientation

The method takes aim at solving the puzzle by a series of actions with the use of already existing technology with new functionalities. The idea was to create a system, which in a simple and affordable way can be scaled to match the highest production capacities.

Position, quality and K-factor

The vision and weighing system can be used for detecting fish position, but can also take pictures and determine outside quality in addition to measuring and combining these dimensions with the weight (K-factor).

Vision systems can also be placed prior to and after gutting machines in centralized spots if you want to ensure tracking of the fish and have more product documentation. This all becomes sensible future oriented solutions if it is possible to orientate the fish automatically and thereby provide realistic savings.

Solving the puzzle

The area between cooling tanks and gutting machines is still per today labor intensive and all attempts to automate in an industrial speed scale has failed, whether it was simple chute design or advanced robot solutions.

Belly or back

The simple mechanic detection or by means of camera determines whether the fish shall be turned by the reverse or forward chute to the lower level conveyor. A simple belly/back chute can place the fish in the correct position, where possible fails afterwards are detected by another camera and returned.

Availability of a patent pending solution

We want to make the solution available and interested equipment suppliers can purchase the license to produce at a symbolic price. The vision is to motivate them and others to create solutions to the exclusive benefit of the industry.


We want to challenge multiple equipment suppliers to take this development to the next level without being obstructed by patents or strategies. True competitive development must come from inspiration rather than protection and therefore we introduce this patent pending solution for the greater benefit of the industry without any kind of exclusivity.

Conceptual animation

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