Bakkafrost – New salmon factory

In the Atlantic sea north of UK and in route between Denmark and Iceland you will find a cherished member of the Danish realm – The Faroe Islands.

This region with its long history has often been in the headlines for its position on fisheries and whaling, but when you travel through and work with the people on the Faroes you will discover a proud, modest and cozy atmosphere wherever you go.

The oldest writings in the Faroes are the scripts called “Sheep Letter” (Seyðabrævið), which are dated back to 24th of June 1298 which is an ancient nordic regulation for the area of the Faroes islands. In addition to describing the historic society it also provides rules on many property aspects and other old legislation down to the very charitable distribution of whale meat as one of the oldest traditions of the islands.

Taking the scenic route from Thorshavn to Glyvrar you will pass many small cities and travel through mountains and springs with sheep by the bundle on the side of the roads. The library of Glyvrar displays a woolen knitted hat worn by Jens Martin Knudsen, who became an international celebrity in the 1980’s by wearing a knitted hat during international soccer matches. More important though is the presence of one of the largest and most quality oriented salmon producers in the world – Bakkafrost.

Bakkafrost is also one of the world’s most vertically integrated salmon farming companies. It controls all aspects of production – from feed to finished value added products, which ensures unrivaled traceability and consistent high quality. The group of companies under the Bakkafrost process umbrella have now set sails towards new exciting and record breaking endeavors.

The consolidation of its 6-7 processing facilities into a giant and extremely modern processing plant will strengthen the company enormously and place Bakkafrost as the undisputed no 1 when it comes to processing and value adding of farmed atlantic salmon. The plant will use all the most modern production methods with a simultaneous aim to provide top quality salmon products.


Pescatech is a proud member of the design team behind this new super factory. The journey has been with many interesting experiences in the project design and purchase phase explains Chris Bjerregaard of Pescatech. It is always challenging when you work with record breaking projects and everyone is eager to influence and be part of the process. There is no doubt that this particular factory will be the one other companies will seek to beat and visit to get inspired.

“Bakkafrost decided to use Pescatech as an integrated part of our project group upon recommendations and interviews. We feel they fulfil our expectations as a member of the Bakkafrost project team and also provide us with valuable know-how and experience, so our management is getting the necessary assistance and sparring in the important project process.“ explains Regin Jacobsen, CEO of Bakkafrost.

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