Case stories

  • Open, respectful and ambitious

    Grieg Seafood ASA is one of the world’s leading fish farming companies, specializing in atlantic salmon, with an annual production capacity of more than 90.000 tons gutted weight. Today the Group is present in Norway, British Columbia (Canada) and in Shetland (UK), employing approximately 700 people.

  • A tale of transformation

    Established in 1995, the history of Cermaq is a tale of transformation – from a grain trading company to a global leader of salmon farming. Today Cermaq Group AS is a fully owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation.

  • Lerøy Midt and Aurora

    Lerøy Seafood Group can trace its operations back to 1899, when the fisherman-farmer Ole Mikkel Lerøen started selling live fish on the Bergen fish market. This was fish he either had caught himself or had bought from other fishermen.

  • The lighthouse of fresh fish and seafood

    Norway’s largest and most innovative facilities for fresh fish and seafood is the recently opened “Sjømathuset” located at Kalbakken in Oslo. For the first time pre-packed fish, bulk, and sushi have been gathered in one place – the most modern and complete facilities for fresh distributed seafood in Europe.

  • Barry Group – The glory of nature

    Newfoundland is one of the best places to see and appreciate nature in all its glory. Dramatic coastlines, sweeping barrens, thick boreal forests, ancient rock formations, teeming seabird colonies, tiny alpine blossoms, and rich marine life are all part of the diverse natural heritage.

  • Nutrimar

    In the shadows of mighty Salmar the old Nutrimar is presently transforming into a new modern fish meal and oil producer with higher production capacities and with the most advanced handling and processing methods.

  • Bakkafrost – New salmon factory

    In the Atlantic sea north of UK and in route between Denmark and Iceland you will find a cherished member of the Danish realm – The Faroe Islands.

  • Survival of the fittest

    Vega Salmon is a production company mainly producing quality smoked fish. Located in Esbjerg, Denmark, Vega is a company with a long and successful history in the smoked fish production industry.

  • Chasing the perfect balance

    Ideally located at the Arctic Circle you find Nova Sea, one of the largest producers of farmed salmon in North Norway. Surrounded by cold, fresh water and wild, beautiful nature Nova Sea has the perfect conditions for farming and producing salmon.

  • Quality seafood with traditions

    Located on Vikna, an island on the Mid-Norwegian coast, Nils Williksen is placed in the heart of one of the most prosperous areas for fisheries and aquaculture in Norway. It stems from this, that the company traditions are strongly tied to the coastal culture. The way of life has always been based on the sea, […]

  • Seafoods Finest

    Situated on the island Austevoll Norway, Austevoll Fiskeindustri AS is a modern processing plant for salmon and pelagic products. The combination of competencies within more species sends Austevoll Fiskeindustri with it’s partners to the top as one of the largest seafood companies in Norway.

  • One step up

    Marine Harvest is the world’s leading seafood company offering farmed salmon and processed seafood to customers in more than 70 markets worldwide.

  • Excellence in processing

    It’s a privilege working for Bremnes Seashore with their focus on high quality in all aspects of their operations. It is not coincidental, that the Salma brand has become synonymous with the nest of the Norwegian seafoods.

  • Greenfield studies

    Taking the scenic route through curved roads and rainforest alike landscapes towards Onarheim you first must ensure yourself you’re tuned in on the correct Onarheim. Suddenly the administrative building of Alsaker Fjordbruk appears from the mist and forest and the sight gives you the first impression of a cozy and leaned back approach of doing serious business.

  • Old friends re-unite

    Take the tour from the city of Aalesund on a scenic route towards Fosnavåg, then you will find probably the largest salmon plant in the world – Marine Harvest – Eggesbønes.

  • When quality matters

    A couple of hours travel south of Bergen you can find the Bremnes Seashore harvesting plant at Øklandsvågen. Bremnes Seashore is one of Norways most respected salmon brands with a history of 50 years within fish farming and processing.

  • Captain Haddock Is still going strong

    More than once cod producers in Europe have found their natural resources facing the brink of extinction with cod population dropping dramatically. Over fishing and little or no focus on sustainability has driven this industry and the companies within to a game of “survival of the fittest”.

  • Where the Northern Light shines the brightest…

    Placed north of Tromsø on an island named Skjervøy is Lerøy Aurora with the name originating from Aurora Borealis; a light phenomenon seen on clear nights in the northern hemisphere.

  • Innovamar, a glimpse into the future

    The Innovamar Project is truly a glimpse into the future of modern salmon processing, where all the most advanced and newest processing methods and techniques are evaluated and implemented if they match the standards and ambitions of the project.