The team

Our team is carefully built on the solid foundation of competent and very skilled people with many years of experience within the fish & seafood industries.

Each person is carefully chosen and has chosen to join us to become part of something new and exciting. A very specialized group of consultants within fish & seafood processing, that as a team stand out as a significant center of competency.

Our strength lies in the high degree of specialism and vast knowledge within fish processing. Each scenario is studied and looked upon with multiple sets of neutral eyes. This we believe will bring out the best in us and bring the best solutions and advice from us, so the overlapping experiences become synergy and create more value for our customers.

We aim at the exclusive goals to provide our clients with the best choices and most sensible equipment combinations. This we believe we can do better, than anyone, from our position as independent and not tied to any specific product port folios. Being neutral, capable and with all available options at hand – make us incomparable and probably some of the best designers of good processing solutions.

Chris Bjerregaard

Managing director / Project advisor

Phone: +45 41334600

Arnbjörn Eyþórsson

Senior Advisor / Project Manager

Phone: +35 48258062

Flemming Harslev

Senior Consultant / Project Manager

Phone: +45 60382825

Brith Kolind

Senior Consultant / Project Designer

Phone: +45 41334602

Laurids Christensen

Senior Consultant / Project manager

Phone: +45 41334604

Martin Nielsen

Visualizations and software solutions

Phone: +45 30820000

Gunnar Sævarsson

Consultancy and project management

Phone: +354 899 0310

Karen Berg Madsen

Senior Consultant / Quality Management

Phone: +45 22100674

Jón Hlífar Aðalsteinsson

Project Manager

Phone: +354 661 9708

Niels Ølgaard

Financial Controller

Phone: +45 41334605