Green conscience

Don’t you just despise companies, that lecture others about their green conscious and environmental focus just to promote themselves in a cheap way. Saving African villages or endangered species goes in the same category IF you’re incapable of proving a certain percentage of your profits go straight into goodness for all. It goes without saying, that the world is in need of a global and unified act sooner than later and it therefore becomes a joint responsibility, where everyone must pull their weights. 

Pescatech will not free itself from participating in a global turnaround and this should be the decade, where we decide to save the planet rather than fight each other over meaningless borders in a potential future wasteland. Naturally, Pescatech is a tiny company with limited resources and our hearts are often bigger than our brains, but we’re also nerds with insight and perhaps ability to promote awareness towards a few logical factors supported also by science. Scientists actually define 3 areas, where we could and should put efforts to make changes

The stakes couldn’t be higher, but If we follow the path that science shows us, we have the power to save nearly all habitat types across the world’s lands. That’s a huge win for wildlife, birds, plants, insects and the diversity of life that makes our natural world such a treasure. We must follow through on the promises, policies, and collaborative effort needed to protect nature from collapse. Urgent action is essential, and we must seize the unprecedented opportunities to change the course of history. The international community is preparing to make path-defining choices for the future, with once-in-a-lifetime agreements that have the power to stop catastrophic climate change and preserve biodiversity on Earth.

The primary challenge is of course humanity and the fact, that we’re increasing in numbers. Around 8 billions today is 10 billions within the next 20-30 years and we’re all very hungry and we will need much more food, than we produce now. We also know, that expanding agriculture historically have resulted in deforestation, pollution etc, but also overfishing and industrial production are 2 other big sinners in the beginning meltdown of our beautiful and still blue planet. Here are three ways we need to up-end ‘business as usual’ and act boldly to advance conservation.


Smarter guy’s than us (there’s quite a few) have argued, that you should produce more food on less land – excellent idea, but how? The solution is called targeted agriculture expansion, which is basically to identify areas to grow crops better with lesser consequences to avoid destruction – meaning to avoid expansion into forests and fx look after areas outside your backyard – we think?


Overfishing can become a severe problem with many marine species disappearing and entire food chains and eco systems breaking down with unpredictable consequences The solution to this from scientists perhaps lack ambitions, because it points towards increased surveillance and new innovative catch and detection technology. It’s difficult to see the effects of such materialize itself and become a factor – especially considering the lesser developed areas with no quota experience, but perhaps there’s an underestimated source to be reckoned with – the sea…?

Pescatech can only from a protein perspective promote eating more farmed fish, because of its conversion ratio from feed to meat compared to far bigger protein sources like poultry, pork and cattle. It’s logic and it reduce exhaustion by the utilization of sea areal abundance. It doesn’t take a doctors degree or  a master in science to calculate the impact it can have on both agriculture and overfishing – you still eat your fish and more and you feed livestock less. Unfortunately, this will still need a global enlightening and focus despite aquaculture by far has proven itself to be a financially and environmental superior source of protein and seaweed and other productions are catching up


Advisor responsibility can influence and here is an area, where Pescatech can and will play our role as part of a bigger picture. Large scale solar panel systems and huge windmill parks are obviously with bigger potentials, but it’s more the mindset, that we all can and should be part of a global change in mentality. From our neck of the woods, we’ve identified several areas of improvements within the fish & seafood industries:
  • Solar panels and windmills to limit external electricity consumption
  • Synergy production and reuse of excess energy between departments
  • Battery parks and storing of excess energy from energy generators
  • Energy savings focus down to motor level – green components
  • Hygienic solutions for less water consumption during production
  • Less waste and more value adding of by-products.
Today, you can build zero- house, where the energy consumption of a the house or office equals the onsite production of energy. Pescatech can both design and advise, that this can also be a fish factory, a feed plant, a RAS facility, an oil/meal plant, a box factory. The future starts today.