Pescatech has gathered hundreds of years of experience from working with combined thousands of processing and support facilities within the fish and seafood industries. We consider ourselves the leading experts and best allround advisor team available on the market. Countless of production scenarios and multiple species handling have given us an edge, when it comes to designing and evaluating even the largest facilities.

Salmon, white fish, pelagics, crusteaceans, shellfish whether farmed or wild catch – we can assist you in both optimization of existing plants, expansions or building complete new factories.

Pescatech also handle many relevant support functions within the industry. All kinds of fish and seafood processing facilities is core business, but often same clients have other fields of interest. This means Pescatech gradually expanded our know how and services to include design of buildings, all support systems and other attached facilities.

Today, we can design entire fish & seafood clusters including a solid overview of the newest and most environmentally correct solutions. Processing fish and seafood today must consider sustainability, traceability and many other aspects to meet global trends targeting a greener world.

1) Fish oil and meal facilities
2) Box factories
3) Feed plants
4) RAS facilities
5) Refrigeration, waste water, Cip systems, offal handling etc
6) Ice plants and cold storages

Handling, processing, value adding and packaging used to be our primary areas, but over the years this has expanded to buildings, site logistics. Our combined skills and experiences from the past of each person has resulted in an alround interim project partner servicing and focusing fish and seafood industries primarily.

Pescatech has narrowed it’s activities to these segments, because we all feel attached to the industry, we’re known as indviduals and strong as a team. We know most players from both sides of the table, but have decided to work exclusively on one side.