The lighthouse of fresh fish and seafood

The lighthouse of fresh fish and seafood

Norway’s largest and most innovative facilities for fresh fish and seafood is the recently opened “Sjømathuset” located at Kalbakken in Oslo. For the first time pre-packed fish, bulk, and sushi have been gathered in one place – the most modern and complete facilities for fresh distributed seafood in Europe.

Lerøy and NorgesGruppen have been working together since 2006 and the target from the two parties is clear: to increase the consumption of seafood in the Norwegian population.

With Sjømathuset seafood in highest quality will be available in grocery stores all over Norway. Everything from cod loins and salmon portions to lobster and crab claws lying pre-packed in refrigerated displays. Never before so much good seafood have been available for the Norwegian customers.

In a European context Sjømathuset is a lighthouse when it comes to cooperation between seafood producer and retail. Hygiene zones and optimized production flow are significant features in a project like Sjømathuset, and Pescatech is very proud of being a part of this unique project, hired primarily to take care of design and logistics within the sushi and fish departments.

To expand our area of expertise with such special tasks like the ones the Lerøy group has given us and to become an external project sparring partner for NorgesGruppen has really widened our horizon. The profound understanding of the mechanism between processors and supermarkets are impossible to put a value on, but it definitely has brought Pescatech to the next levels explains Chris Bjerregaard of Pescatech.

The Swedish smokehouse

On the idyllic west coast of Sweden you find Leröy Smögen Seafood, the leading producer and supplier of a wide range of fish and seafood. High development rate, steady growth, financial strength and capacity for expansion motivate people to stay for many years, some for more than 50  – so professional and motivated staff will meet you from the beginning to the end. Tradition and knowledge go hand in hand where flexibility and short delivery times are significant on a market requiring small series and tailor made products. Full control in the process of environmentally certified products with complete traceability is a matter of course.

Sushi of highest quality are created as well as catch, salmon, fresh fish in all shapes, smoked or marinated, fresh or frozen seafood, pickled herrings – Lerøy has a wide range for the restaurants, catering, retail and stores and the target is always to be in front finding new, innovative seafood products – often in cooperation with some of Sweden’s most renowned chefs.

Lerøy opened the newly expanded factory to meet the increasing requirements from the discerning customers. Pescatech had the distinct pleasure to assist with this expansion in close cooperation with the Swedish Lerøy team and to be a part of the project team to ensure the project was implemented on time.

Other case stories

Excellence in processing

It’s a privilege working for Bremnes Seashore with their focus on high quality in all aspects of their operations. It is not coincidental, that the Salma brand has become synonymous with the nest of the Norwegian seafoods.

Chasing the perfect balance

Ideally located at the Arctic Circle you find Nova Sea, one of the largest producers of farmed salmon in North Norway. Surrounded by cold, fresh water and wild, beautiful nature Nova Sea has the perfect conditions for farming and producing salmon.

Survival of the fittest

Vega Salmon is a production company mainly producing quality smoked fish. Located in Esbjerg, Denmark, Vega is a company with a long and successful history in the smoked fish production industry.

Old friends re-unite

Take the tour from the city of Aalesund on a scenic route towards Fosnavåg, then you will find probably the largest salmon plant in the world – Marine Harvest – Eggesbønes.