In the shadows of mighty Salmar the old Nutrimar is presently transforming into a new modern fish meal and oil producer with higher production capacities and with the most advanced handling and processing methods.

Established in 2007, Nutrimar is a Norwegian biomarine company that produces high quality oil, protein consentrate and meal from salmon. The facilities are located on the beautiful island of Frøya, the westernmost municipality in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway.

Nutrimar´s plant is directly coupled to InnovaMar, the biggest and most efficient salmon processing plant in the world. Through innovative production technology and logistics the plant is able to set a high standard of quality throughout the product range. This unique connection ensures that the raw material is consistently of the highest possible quality. The aim is to utilize the bi products from the salmon farming industry

to ensure the optimal use of a natural resource. Nutrimar’s new advanced and modern production plant is built to achieve highest quality targets. The plant has approvals from Norwegian authorities for HACCP codex alimentarius practices, and they are working under GMP quality regime with an approval from Trustfeed.

Pescatech was selected to oversee the transformation as project manager and member of a strong internal team in this project. Though not being prepared as specialists in this field – Pescatech still managed to land this contract due to the work methods and straight forward approach with a deep understanding of the equipment industries.

We naturally are learning many valuable aspects of supporting systems to the primary factories these days explains Chris

Bjerregaard. This and other similar project management tasks is helping Pescatech to spread our services to other related activities within the same customer base. Not necessary as processing specialists, but a solid project member and coordinator.

Kristbjørn Bjarnason, General Manager of Nutrimar explains: “We decided to use Pescatech, since they have significant experience from the salmon industry and have worked with us on previous smaller projects. Experience and reputation had a lot to say in our decision. In this project we were in need of project management and control rather than specialist knowledge of fish meal and oil production. I’m very satisfied with this cooperation and so far this has proven itself to be the right choice for us. The people from Pescatech are very service minded and solution oriented, which is exactly what you need in hectic and complicated project like this one.”


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