Old friends re-unite

Take the tour from the city of Aalesund on a scenic route towards Fosnavåg, then you will find probably the largest salmon plant in the world – Marine Harvest – Eggesbønes. This plant is truly remarkable and represents the new era within Salmon processing with new super sized factories as you only will find them in the poultry and meat industries.

The factory was originally built as a pelagic plant with enormous cooling and cold storage facilities. It was rebuilt to house the largest Panfish plant, which later through mergers became part of Marine Harvest salmon group. Still this factory is the largest whole fish slaughtering and packing plant in the world capable of packing and distributing up to 180 fish per minute!

Pescatech was excited to take on the challenges together with Marine Harvest and become part of their new project team. This team is established to focus on the challenges in creating a more complete and allround salmon factory. This will include a more flexible and diversified factory equally focused on whole fish and filet + value added production. In this process the parties re-unite in a new form, since the people at Eggesbønes and Pescatech have worked close together before. This happened while designing and building the whole fish factory with its challenging replacement of an older whole fish grader in exchange for the new Marel/Scanvaegt superior salmon solution.

Marine Harvest is today one of the world leading seafood companies. The company is present in all major salmon farming regions in the world and the biggest producer of farmed salmon with one fifth of the global production. In addition to fresh and frozen salmon, Marine Harvest offers a wide range of value added products such as coated seafood, ready-to-eat meals, delicious finger food and smoked seafood. Though salmon is the main farmed product, the company also farms trout and white halibut.

Other case stories

When quality matters

A couple of hours travel south of Bergen you can find the Bremnes Seashore harvesting plant at Øklandsvågen. Bremnes Seashore is one of Norways most respected salmon brands with a history of 50 years within fish farming and processing.

The lighthouse of fresh fish and seafood

Norway’s largest and most innovative facilities for fresh fish and seafood is the recently opened “Sjømathuset” located at Kalbakken in Oslo. For the first time pre-packed fish, bulk, and sushi have been gathered in one place – the most modern and complete facilities for fresh distributed seafood in Europe.

Survival of the fittest

Vega Salmon is a production company mainly producing quality smoked fish. Located in Esbjerg, Denmark, Vega is a company with a long and successful history in the smoked fish production industry.

Seafoods Finest

Situated on the island Austevoll Norway, Austevoll Fiskeindustri AS is a modern processing plant for salmon and pelagic products. The combination of competencies within more species sends Austevoll Fiskeindustri with it’s partners to the top as one of the largest seafood companies in Norway.