One step up

Marine Harvest is the world’s leading seafood company offering farmed salmon and processed seafood to customers in more than 70 markets worldwide.

The company is present in all major salmon farming regions in the world and the biggest producer of farmed salmon with one fifth of the global production. In addition to fresh and frozen salmon, Marine Harvest offers a wide range of value added products such as coated seafood, ready-to-eat meals, delicious finger food and smoked seafood. Though salmon is the main farmed product, the company also farms trout and white halibut.

Pescatech was hired in 2009 to design the largest salmon filleting operation in the largest salmon plant in the world. The plant M-394 or Marine Harvest Eggesbønes has its own and very skilled technical department, where Pescatech became part of the internal project management group after the design period was finished.

The work included thorough investigation of various production scenarios and corresponding payback analysis, so the end product became a carefully worked through investment plan. The aim was to secure both short and long term production goals were achievable with one of the largest investments in processing plants within the group.

“Working with this project has been an exciting challenge for Pescatech, where we have been met with a professional attitude and cozy working environment. The slight difference in the sizes of Pescatech and Marine Harvest has never been an issue, where we really have felt being an internal part of a large company”- says Chris Bjerregaard of Pescatech.

Regional Director of Marine Harvest – Per Roar Gjerde continues: “This is a large and exciting project for Marine Harvest Norway. We have during the project phase worked closely together with Pescatech, which has been a very good experience. Together, we have designed new and solid solutions for a more future oriented processing plant. It will after the finalization of the speedy installation period be very rewarding to restart production in the world’s most advanced fillet plant.”

There’s no doubt that this monumental factory will become a showcase and “must see”, when visiting the Mid-Norwegian salmon industry. All participants and vendors in this project know this, which itself has been one of the most motivating factors of the project.

Other case stories

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