Where the Northern Light shines the brightest…

Placed north of Tromsø on an island named Skjervøy is Lerøy Aurora with the name originating from Aurora Borealis; a light phenomenon seen on clear nights in the northern hemisphere. The Lerøy Aurora Salmon plant on Skjervøy shines brightly as well as one of the most advanced salmon processing facilities in the world.

It was originally built as a shrimp plant by Royal Greenland, but when this fishery collapsed a very modern fish factory became available. Perfectly suited for the expansion of the Lerøy group with the ambition to build the most attractive processing facility of the area. The building interior was refurbished and equipped with a new state of the art whole fish process and packing line. The machinery was delivered by some of the most respected and renowned machine suppliers and layout designs were made to fit the existing high quality surroundings.

Pescatech has been assigned to carry on with the future design work and expansions of Lerøy Aurora, which will bring together the original design team in a new constellation. This partnership intends to provide a high level of technical and product/sales specific knowledge, which shall help both Lerøy Aurora and its equipment suppliers to provide superior solutions with maximum flexibility.


Other case stories

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Ideally located at the Arctic Circle you find Nova Sea, one of the largest producers of farmed salmon in North Norway. Surrounded by cold, fresh water and wild, beautiful nature Nova Sea has the perfect conditions for farming and producing salmon.

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Lerøy Midt and Aurora

Lerøy Seafood Group can trace its operations back to 1899, when the fisherman-farmer Ole Mikkel Lerøen started selling live fish on the Bergen fish market. This was fish he either had caught himself or had bought from other fishermen.