Chasing the perfect balance

Ideally located at the Arctic Circle you find Nova Sea, one of the largest producers of farmed salmon in North Norway. Surrounded by cold, fresh water and wild, beautiful nature Nova Sea has the perfect conditions for farming and producing salmon.

Although efficiency and operating costs are always on their mind Nova Sea never compromises on quality and environment to short-term optimize the profitability.Sustainability is the key word for the perfect balance between biology and environment. Therefore producing salmon is always according to ethical welfare and the fish’s natural and biological needs.  Because Nova Sea feels so committed to ensure food safety to their customers they are always searching for development and optimization of their production to fulfill the newest demands from authorities and customers.

When Nova Sea decided to upgrade their slaughtering facilities Pescatech had the pleasure to be called in as consultancy company and a temporary part of the Nova Sea project management team.  The job started with the design of a complete new, modern and highly efficient slaughtering and gutting plant. The goals were; to ensure top quality products for the future, full traceability of products, outstanding hygiene standards as well as optimum working conditions for the staff. The investment is targeting, that Nova Sea shall be among the most future oriented Norwegian processing facilities prepared for future demands towards higher capacities or new products.
Afterwards we moved into a phase with selection of qualified suppliers and purchase of the right equipment at the right price. This was followed up by project management with coordination between the various suppliers and planning of installation to ensure that all equipment would fit together as planned and that the installation would take place with minimized risks and stops in the valuable production periods. Being a temporary technical department of Nova Sea this way, has brought the companies together in a cozy and mutual beneficial working environment.

Bjørn Roger Thomassen, production manager at Nova Sea, says: “It has been a huge advantage that Pescatech right from the beginning prepared a realistic budget including all project costs, which continuously could be controlled and adjusted. Their experiences from other projects gave us the assurance that our project would be implemented and completed on time and within the budget.”

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