Question: Do you compete with any equipment suppliers?
Answer: Not at all… We work as part of our customer together with all of them on a daily basis, but naturally we challenge the most dominating on behalf of our customers to become more transparent and less political.

Question: Do you create distance between processors and their suppliers?
Answer: We sit next to, behind and in front of our customers depending on the situation, but in all places we seek to enhance the mutual understanding and make sure all parties are motivated. Our success depends on this…

Question: Why should we use you, when we can get equipment suppliers to help us?
Answer: Well, being a neutral advisor calls for complete independency from the equipment industry with no hidden agenda to sell equipment. By this we are also forced to seek multiple alternatives and best options for our customers.

Question: Do you create value?
Answer: Absolutely yes, we create transparency, enhance competition and are reducing costs and time consumption, while challenging authorities and fight monopoly situations.

Question: What about development and new machines on the market?
Answer: We are naturally forced to keep ourselves updated through, dialog, visits and fairs, but many suppliers also send us their newest product information or ask for our opinion. This we keep confidential unless it is OK to inform or customers about it.

Question: Why are you so confident, that you're the best consultants we can get?
Answer: We can only hope you will give us the chance to prove it, but we bring significant knowhow with us and this we believe is of most value to our customers.