Project design

Pescatech offers knowledge, industry insight and unique independent design skills with the ability to combine and create solutions far better and much faster, than even the biggest equipment suppliers. Compared to other consultants we’re in a league of our own (so we are told by customers), but also pride ourselves to be standing by and staying with the same type of customers in the same fish and seafood related industries. Our project design focus areas include buildings within:

  • Fish processing plants incl all support systems
  • Box plants, Ice plants, wastewater- and oil/meal plants
  • RAS facilities and complete seafood clusters
  • Site design and access logistics from land and sea

Pescatech project design is setting new standards within the industry by also offering high quality visualization ranging from normal ACAD standard drawings all the way up to virtual reality or animated factories. Pescatech can show exactly how your new plans would come out in real life.

We are structured and will land in your project running with no or little need for much learning about the job to do. Pescatech is a specialist company, and we will pull our own weight from day. We know excatly, what important information is needed in early project phases. Our detailing level is high, because we use experience and facts with no theoretic or supplier dependant information needed. We’re 100% independent, we work for you and we’re always taking fastest route to get you, what you need. Our phased project build-up gives you full transparency, complete control and maximum value for every dime you invest with us.

We consider ourselves the most experienced and innovative designers of fish processing facilities available in the market. Our design skills is a corner stone in Pescatech and we aim at providing superior solutions on innovation, customization and pure return value of your investment.

Pescatech works independently from the equipment industry and can design without politics or product portfolio limitations. We can play with all the lego boxes available rather than just the red ones…This is where the real power of Pescatech lies and what gives the customers an equalizer oboard their team.

Even the biggest suppliers will only provide you with limited overall responsibility and they will always try to optimize their profits and limit their responsibility, while trying to rid themselves of competition. This Pescatech together with you can prevent and make sure all suppliers are treated equally and with the respect they deserve. Cross combinations and best solutions at the most reasonable costs are not presented to you, but instead something you must fight for and provoke forth in your own independent designs. You must be better and more comprehensive in your designs to get into the cookie jar, where you via superior design can make large companies follow your instructions and improve your uniqueness.

Pescatech also know how to structure projects efficiently, so these are carried out with a resonable use of external resources. Projects can be manned to scarce, but also sometimes can remind you of pyramid schemes, where too many pricy consultants simply create no or negative project results.

Keep it simple and let the process be determining the buildings and not the other way. Let specialists dictate the route before architechts and constructional engineering or constructors are called in. This is the rational way to run a project.

The design skills and technical competencies make it possible to develop lines and create new solutions without focusing on profitability in sales numbers, but merely to come with solutions to specific challenges. This could be a fish processor in need of a customized processing line or special developed machine to accommodate a request from a customer on a certain product.

Pescatech goal is to innovate and challenge the industry to provide better solutions, where we also can visualize, animate and simulate new concepts and ideas!