Project Management

We coordinate vendors, follow the equipment through production and testing, preparing arrival, installation and training.

Pescatech can also investigate in house competencies and assist during recruitment of new qualified human resources. Pescatech acknowledge the importance of maintaining strict control during project implementation as many unnecessary technical mistakes, disputes and budget surprises could be avoided.

Contract design and flawless documentation is necessary before, during and after the project is completed. Pescatech can help define, design and negotiate the purchase of individual machines or equipment within a larger project. Coordination of vendors is necessary to settle interfaces and ensure smooth install.

Implementation is a critical phase of all projects and here Pescatech will act as sparring partner providing proper inhouse knowledge Preparation of install with careful planning of internal and external resources.

In case a project is in need of an overall project coordinator, then Pescatech can also assume this role and act as the project owner’s right hand, where Pescatech via our experience also assist the project owner by coordinating/supervising the entirety to the extent needed.

This need not to be an exclusive supervisory role but will add significant administrative responsibility and if already present it sometimes can make sense and savings vs hiring other external parties if internal resources are insufficient.