Lerøy Midt and Aurora

Lerøy Seafood Group can trace its operations back to 1899, when the fisherman-farmer Ole Mikkel Lerøen started selling live fish on the Bergen fish market. This was fish he either had caught himself or had bought from other fishermen. The fish was hauled to market in a corf behind Ole Mikkel Lerøen’s rowing boat, a journey that could take between 6 and 12 hours, depending on prevailing winds and currents.

Over time, Ole Mikkel Lerøen’s operations gradually came to include retail sales in Bergen, the sale of live shellfish and a budding export business. Since then the company has been a pioneering enterprise in the fishing industry. The main focus has always been on developing markets for seafood products, and the company has frequently led the way into new markets or been the first to commercialize new species. This pioneering spirit is still very much alive in the Group.

Today Lerøy Seafood Group is the leading exporter of seafood from Norway and the world’s second largest producer of Atlantic Salmon. The vision is “Lerøy in every kitchen”, and each day they supply the equivalent of three million meals of seafood to more than 70 markets worldwide.

Pescatech has a long almost family alike relationship with Lerøy and also got involved, when Lerøy Seafood Group decided to look for a series of plant level MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) modules. These modules should be installed and collect data from existing and new processing equipment, Microsoft Windows PC’s and hand held wireless devices across an entire plant. The project should include all Lerøy factories, however, Lerøy Midnor factories in Dolmøy and Hestvika were chosen as pilotprojects.

Pescatech had the pleasure of working with the Lerøy team on the mapping of existing hardware end software, and specifications and requirements for the new system. Based on that tender materials were made and Pescatech was in lead assistant in the negotiations and contracting with the chosen suppliers.


Other case stories

Chasing the perfect balance

Ideally located at the Arctic Circle you find Nova Sea, one of the largest producers of farmed salmon in North Norway. Surrounded by cold, fresh water and wild, beautiful nature Nova Sea has the perfect conditions for farming and producing salmon.

A tale of transformation

Established in 1995, the history of Cermaq is a tale of transformation – from a grain trading company to a global leader of salmon farming. Today Cermaq Group AS is a fully owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation.

The lighthouse of fresh fish and seafood

Norway’s largest and most innovative facilities for fresh fish and seafood is the recently opened “Sjømathuset” located at Kalbakken in Oslo. For the first time pre-packed fish, bulk, and sushi have been gathered in one place – the most modern and complete facilities for fresh distributed seafood in Europe.

Old friends re-unite

Take the tour from the city of Aalesund on a scenic route towards Fosnavåg, then you will find probably the largest salmon plant in the world – Marine Harvest – Eggesbønes.